Pay Equity Act

Quebec Pay Equity Compliance

Does your company have more than 10 salaried employees?

If so, you must conduct a pay equity exercise.

SRA Consultants has the expertise to provide you with a total solution to eliminate your financial and legal risks . We have a well-defined process for addressing pay equity that addresses all the considerations required to achieve and maintain pay equity

With our assistance Pay Equity does not have to be a long and complicated process. Our proven system includes

  • To ensure you have the right type of job evaluation plan(s) to achieve and maintain pay equity
  • Complete the evaluation of jobs
  • Conduct pay equity analysis
  • Identify any pay equity gaps and define approaches for addressing them
  • Develop or update pay equity plans
  • Provide support and counsel during a pay equity audit or when responding to a pay equity complaint

Let the experts at SRA Consultants eliminate your financial and legal risks While taking the burden of the exercise off your hands

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